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With learning and education being one of the largest growth markets in the UK. The demand to find training providers has grown massively in the last decade. Let What Course take the hassle out of filling your course placements with our proven strategies.

Publish your course the way you want, and maintain constant ownership of your content.
Inspire learners and teach them what they need to know to excel in their chosen subject
Broaden your brand awareness, showcase your skills for your chosen subject, and generate income with every paid enrolment.

How to become a provider with What Course

Joining WhatCourse as a provider is straight forward by now we have already established that you’re a perfect match for students and businesses looking for a reputable course provider. To start increasing the amount of courses you deliver, simply register your interest and one of our partner teams will give you a call.

Begin your journey by registering your details with What Course, complete the enquiry form below, one of our support team will contact you and discuss the next step for you.
Begin your journey by combining your passion and expertise. Utilise our course creation tool and gain insights to develop an interactive course that will appeal to your students. How you impart knowledge, and what you contribute to the teaching process, is entirely in your hands.
We will help you with the resources to guide you in creating your inaugural course. Furthermore, your continued access to provider support, from course creation to launch, and beyond, will give you the peace of mind needed to ensure your course
You can create your course using our specialised tools, and even upload directly from documents. Our build tools make it simple to create your course.
Our team of instructors is available to respond to your queries and look at your course content. Additionally, our Teaching Center provides an abundance of resources to assist you throughout the process. Moreover, benefit from the guidance of our expert tutors within our online community.

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Our team of instructors is available to respond to your queries and look at your course content. Additionally, our Teaching Center provides an abundance of resources to assist you throughout the process. Moreover, benefit from the guidance of our expert tutors within our online community.

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Becoming a training provider can offer various benefits, both professionally and personally.

What Course Stamp of Approval
Introduce a “What Course Stamp of Approval for Excellency” to highlight the quality and excellence of your training. This can serve as a recognisable symbol that sets your courses apart in terms of content, delivery, and outcomes.
Transparent Course Information
Clearly communicate what sets your courses apart on your promotional materials. Highlight the key features, benefits, and outcomes of your courses, making it easy for potential students to understand why your training is the right choice for them.
Engaging Marketing Strategies
Use various marketing channels to promote your courses, emphasising the quality and credibility of your training. Leverage social media, industry forums, and email marketing to reach your target audience effectively.
Value-Added Services
Consider offering value-added services such as mentoring, job placement assistance, or access to a professional network. These additional benefits can make your courses more appealing and increase the overall satisfaction of your students.
Contribution to Skill Development
As a training provider, you play a crucial role in developing the skills and knowledge of individuals. This contribution not only benefits the learners but also adds value to the community and industry by creating a more skilled and capable workforce.
Financial Opportunities
Offering training services can be financially rewarding. The demand for quality training is often high, and individuals or businesses are willing to invest in education to enhance their skills or stay competitive in the job market. This can result in a steady income stream for the training provider.
Professional Recognition
Providing training services establishes you as an expert in your field. This recognition can lead to increased visibility, reputation, and credibility within your industry. It may also open doors to collaboration opportunities with other professionals and organisations.
Adaptability and Continuous Learning
Being a training provider requires staying updated with the latest trends and developments in your field. This constant learning and adaptation to industry changes can keep you ahead of the curve, enhancing your own expertise and knowledge base.
Flexibility and Autonomy
As a training provider, you have the flexibility to design your courses, set your schedule, and choose your target audience. This autonomy allows you to tailor your offerings to meet the specific needs of your clients and create a unique niche in the market.
Helping others learn and grow can be incredibly rewarding. Witnessing the progress and success of your learners can provide a strong sense of personal fulfilment and satisfaction, knowing that you are making a positive impact on people’s lives.
Networking Opportunities
Engaging with learners, industry professionals, and other educators provides ample networking opportunities. Building a network can lead to collaborations, partnerships, and exposure to new ideas and perspectives.
Innovation and Creativity
Developing and delivering training requires creativity and innovation. This process can stimulate your own creative thinking and problem-solving skills, fostering a dynamic and engaging approach to your work.
Diversification of Income Streams
As a training provider, you can explore various formats for delivering your content, such as in-person workshops, online courses, or consulting services. Diversifying your offerings can help create multiple income streams and mitigate risks associated with market fluctuations.
Positive Impact on Employability
By providing training that aligns with industry needs, you contribute to enhancing the employability of individuals. This positive impact can lead to greater job satisfaction and a sense of social responsibility.
Quality Course Content
Creating well-structured, informative, and engaging course content is crucial. Ensure that your courses are designed to meet the needs of your target audience, are up-to-date with industry standards, and offer practical, applicable knowledge.
Relevant Accreditation
Seek accreditation from recognised bodies or industry associations. Accreditation adds credibility to your courses and assures potential students that your training meets certain quality standards. This recognition can be a key factor in attracting students.
Industry-Recognised Certification
Offer courses that provide industry-recognised certifications upon completion. A certification that holds value in the job market can be a strong motivator for students to enrol in your courses, knowing that they will gain a qualification that is respected within their field.
Testimonials and Success Stories
Showcase testimonials from previous students who have benefited from your courses. Positive feedback and success stories build trust and demonstrate the practical impact of your training. Potential students are more likely to enrol when they see evidence of others’ positive experiences.
Partnerships with Employers
Establish partnerships with employers in your industry. If your courses are known to produce graduates with relevant skills, employers may recommend or even sponsor their employees to take your training, increasing your student base.
Continuous Improvement
Demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement by regularly updating your courses based on feedback, industry developments, and emerging trends. A reputation for staying current and offering cutting-edge content can attract students looking for the most relevant and up-to-date training.